Ferguson machinery


Twinaplate Beam Production Line

Maker: Twinaplate
Beam Making Plant
Maker - Twinaplate
The system is designed to produce a composite I-beam consisting of a specially formed corrugated steel section between two timber chords.
The plant consists of the following machinery -
Twinaplate beam press, twin ram, 2.8m x .3m platen area.
Hydraulic power pack for above press.
Wallbank 60 ton power press, to take die sets.
Die set for pre-forming steel corrugate.
Die set for final forming of steel corrugate.
Cut-off docking saw in sound proofed cabinet.
High frequency glue setter (for finger joints).
Finger joint press with glue setting head.
Wadkin moulder with finger jointing head.
Decoiler for corrugate production.
Glue press conveyor.
Formed corrugate coil dispenser
Feed rollers made by Isles.
Pre-formed corrugated coil - approx 2 tonne.
Final formed corrugate coil - approx 2 tonne.
Price: $30,000 + GST - Prices are in $NZ.
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