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au03 Brake Test Meter

Maker: Bowmonk - Made in England
Bowmonk mechanical brake meter.

From the Bowmonk website -

The Bowmonk Brakemeter/Dynometer MKIII is a scientific instrument, indisputable in its accuracy as it is based on one of the basic laws of applied physics. It consists of a finely balanced pendulum free to respond to any changes in speed or angle, working through a quadrant gear train to rotate a needle round a dial. The dial is black with silver white graduations and having a linear length of 5 1/2 inches (114mm). To damp out all vibration, the instrument is filled with a special fluid not sensitive to changes in temperature. No maintenance is necessary.

Instructions for use, from the NZ website -

Dimensions: Length 0mm x Width 0mm x Height 250mm
Weight: ~ 10kg
Price: $350.00 + GST - Prices are in $NZ.
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