Ferguson machinery


m85 Nip Rollers

Maker: Unkown - Locally Engineered
Rubberised Heavy Steel Nip Rollers

Four main rubber coated steel rollers 1500mm wide x 180mm diameter

Steel infeed and outfeed support rollers.
The main rollers have syncronised gap adjustment.
Gearbox ratio 108:1 - Motor, single phase 1/2hp, 1425rpm
Suitable for laminating, veneer application, etc.

The rubber rollers are covered in plastic film which is why they look that way in the photos.
The top cover has been removed for these photos.
Dimensions: Length 2000mm x Width 900mm x Height 1800mm
Weight: ~ 120kg
Price: $2500.00 + GST - Prices are in $NZ.
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