Ferguson machinery


PR01 Electro Mechanical Platen Press

Maker: Black Brothers - Made in USA
This is a substantial platen press of very heavy construction.

Platen size 2940mm x 1230mm wide

The platens are moved via a pair of 100mm diameter threaded shafts with both left and righthand threads, on the shafts, so that the upper and lower platens move in unison for faster opening/closing times.
The polystyrene was used for a slight cushioning effect.

The advantages of a mechanical press, over hydraulics, is that the pressure can be maintained indefinitely without having to keep any pumps or motors running.
Once the required tonnage is reached the drive motor is turned off and the platens remain in that fixed position.

The clutch system, on the control box, needs attention and is not currently working.
The pressure sensing gauge is non-functional.

The press is stored in a curtainsider and was operated there to laminate kauri timber panels to plywood.

The plywood, shown in the photos, on top of and under the lower platen, is not included in this sale.
Dimensions: Length 3870mm x Width 1300mm x Height 2740mm
Weight: ~ 6 - 8tonne
Price: $12,000.00 + GST - Prices are in $NZ.
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