Ferguson machinery


M02 Batch Weigher

Maker: Altrimex, of Holland, and G Webb Automation of England
Batch Weighing, Filling, and Labeling Plant

There are various shapes and sizes of filler chutes that fit the machine.
This plant would be suitable for a wide range of free flowing, dry, materials such as -
Food grains, nuts, seeds, some hardware such as nuts, bolts, screws, knobs, etc,
and other dry product like some fertilisers etc.

The top hoppers were filled from a mezzanine created from pallet racking.
Mezzanine not included.

The orange and blue items in the main photo are the air compressor and tank that ran the system, plus other gear.
The compressor and tank are not included in this sale. An air supply of about 4 cfm would be adequate.

Footprint 2.9m x 2.2m plus labeler (1.2m)
Height to top of feed hopper 3.06 metres.
The overall height could be reduced by decreasing the discharge chute length.
Price: $12,500.00 + GST - Prices are in $NZ.
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